If you're interested in any of the following products, contact for more information.

Aeroxchange Bridge

Connects the Pentagon 2000 database software to Aeroxchange using webservices.

  • Accept RFQ messages and send quotes from Pentagon
  • Accept multi-line purchase orders
  • Send invoices and shipping notifications
  • Automatically sends messages as you work in Pentagon
  • Eliminates duplicate data entry
  • Web based management

Aeroxchange charges a setup fee, and will at the time determine if your setup will be required to carry a support contract with AIIP. Because of the complexity of the setup and making sure your data is both secure and complete, we recommend allowing AIIP to help with the setup, therefore Aeroxchange will collect the first year support and the setup fee.


The power of Pentagon2000 right in your hand. A native iPhone/iPad application which connects seemlessly to your Pentagon2000 backend giving you access to the office even when you are away.

  • Search your inventory and view pictures and stock information
  • View sales reports
    • Top quotes
    • Quotes per person
    • Sales totals by day, week, and month
  • Search customers
    • Find customers near you
    • View sales history
    • View customer RMA details
    • Track customers orders
    • Change customers terms
  • Create Quotes from your iPhone or iPad
  • Search, view, and sign Purhcase Orders
  • Search and view receivers

E-Commerce Portal

A packaged E-Commerce website for the Pentagon 2000 database. Instantly give your customers access to request quotes, create PO's, view invoices, track work orders, and more. Ready to be installed on your servers or we can even host the website for you in our datacenter.

  • Styled to look like your website
  • Pulls all content directly from Pentagon
  • Manage all accounts from inside Pentagon
  • Customers can...
    • Search your inventory
    • View stock images
    • Create RFQs
    • Create Purchase Orders
    • View Invoices
    • Track Work Orders
    • View CofC's

PN ImportExport

Classifying aerospace parts for import and export often requires painstaking research and multiple inquiries. But why should that work have to be done over and over again by different companies? Partnumber Import Export offers the only internet database that links aerospace manufacturer part numbers to import and export information, like ECCN, Schedule B, HTS, CCATS, ITAR, and more. We have partnered with Aircraft Inventory Management & Services to provide access to their years of research importing and exporting aircraft parts, saving your company time and money.

ILSmart℠ Mobile

Bring ILSMart with you everywhere you go with the ILSmart℠ Mobile iPhone application.

  • Search ILSmart℠ for Part Availability
  • Create and submit RFQ's to multiple vendors simultaneously
  • Add or remove lines from your inventory listing on the fly
  • Browse incoming RFQ's
  • View and save part number statistics and pricing information

ILSmart℠ RFQ Retrieval Bridge

Connects the Pentagon 2000 database software to ILSMart℠ RFQ Webservices. Please contact ymofaz@pentagon2000.com and/or gmofaz@pentagon2000.com for more info.

  • Inserts all RFQ's from ILSMart℠ into Pentagon
  • Auto 'No Quote' selected companies
  • Eliminate data entry errors

ILSmart℠ Upload Bridge

Uploads your inventory from your database to ILSMart℠ listing using secure SSL. Please contact ymofaz@pentagon2000.com and/or gmofaz@pentagon2000.com for more info.

  • Connects to ANY SQL database
  • You define the SQL Query to upload exactly what you want listed
  • Uses secure encrypted transmission to upload directly to ILSmart℠
  • Easy user interface for changing settings
  • Can be ran as a scheduled task to upload automatically daily/weekly/monthly

KPG Avialability

Search Kellstrom Power Group part availability online.

  • View quantity and condition of parts
  • Frequently updated availability
  • Create email RFQ's from the website